Xerox WorkCentre 3215 High Capacity black original toner cartridge

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Xerox WorkCentre 3215 High Capacity black original toner cartridge
Mfg # 106R02777

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Xerox WorkCentre 3215 High Capacity black original toner cartridge
Mfg # 106R02777

Xerox Phaser 3260

Xerox Work Center 3215,3225

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9 reviews for Xerox WorkCentre 3215 High Capacity black original toner cartridge

  1. Reed

    This is a good printer. Works with iOS too. (i.e. ipad etc.)
    I have some challenge while printing envelopes and it was going to sleep often and wouldn’t be available until I changed the settings.
    For those reasons giving 4 stars instead of 5 stars.

  2. Lane

    Looking for a small business BW office laser fax and backup copier. Easier to setup with ethernet connection logging in on the ip address thru internet browser login than thru a local usb connection. So far so good, (replacing our old xerox phaser 3200 mfp which had lasted almost 10 years as our fax machine.)

  3. BJ Hix

    Very easy to set up, has been compatible with all 6 computers we have in the house and has delivered clear, crisp pages. My husband is the one who made the purchase and usually operates the printer, but I can’t get him to do a review to save his life. So far I have heard nothing but good things about the printer from him

  4. Cody

    So glad we got this product for our office. Great Price! Awesome condition, like new.

  5. Dalton


  6. Tanner

    Xerox has been making this printer for nearly 2 years. Cannot believe there are only 31 reviews as of 09/10/18. Surely Xerox has sold more than 31 printers or they would be out of business. I have a theory that people are more likely to come here and make a negative comment than to come here and write a positive comment.

    My 12 year old color Samsung laser printer died and I was looking for a new color, duplex, scanner, printer when I found this printer. This printer’s output is hundreds of time better than my 12 year old Samsung.

    1. This printer is much faster than my old Samsung. The color output is much better than my old laser printer.

    2. I had no problems setting up the scanner to scan to my computer.

  7. Royal

    Setup on the Macs was really simple. Setup on the Windows was a bit of a chore. The touch interface is a bit sluggish. WiFi connection to the network was not solid. Seemed like the printer would go into sleep mode and then not reconnect. Sometimes. On a whim. Anyway, something odd was going on and I didn’t bother to spend time sorting it out. Connected unit via ethernet to the network and has been reliable since then.

    Scan quality seems adequate with max resolution of 600ppi. Scan interface from the computer is limited; okay for office work but not a quality art/photo scanner interface with lots of fine tuning. The autodetect scan area can be annoying, often finding a half-gazillion “regions”. I’ve found the scanner app may crash if there are multiple regions available on the scan preview, one is selected, and scanning is attempted. This may subsequently result in an error, then the scan button becomes unavailable. Then it’s a bunch of fussing to get the thing going again. Did not bother with attempting scanning from the touch interface.

    Print quality is good. Printing is quick. Works well with iPads/iPhones. I didn’t bother with the fax; no landline. Used as a copier it seems fine. Printer is relatively quiet. Wake from sleep is quick.

  8. Nixon

    This is a terrific machine. It’s more commercial than I was expecting. I bought it for home use and it’s probably a bit overkill for that – but as they work to close out the model inventory, it’s a great value. The images are crisp and clean. The double-siding function works very well. It’s easy to map the scan function to a share folder on your computer. I did not succeed in setting up scan to email – but this is admittedly one of the most complex operations for an MFP to perform. I have not tried again and need to spend more time with it. It has a “real” paper tray and bypass tray. It seems like it will stand up to use for many years. The toner cartridge being separate from the drum cartridge means that you don’t pay to replace both – just toner, and then I suppose eventually the drum cartridges. However, at less than $400 for this printer, it may just be time to replace the printer when the drum cartridges start to run out. Very intuitive user interface. Terrific print quality (and the pages “feel” very pro – no curling). Prints very rapidly and reliably. Also a great copier. It has a fax module that I haven’t used, but I’m glad that it’s there for the random times when a fax is necessary these days. It was a great investment and it’s been a solid addition to my home office over the past two months of use.

  9. Trenton

    Usually I do not do a negative feedback, but there’s very few good things about this printer. It does take a small workspace and does work online, but it is not for the small business or home office, it is designed for big corps that have all infrastructure in place and a strong IT center.

    The printer is one of the worse I ever had encountered, the system is so slow that I can go for a coffee and it still thinking. Forget if you need it strict WiFi, it wasn’t born for that, they use a 3rd party dongle to interact with wifi, and if you do not have a webserver and email server installed in you “home office” good luck making it work. Safe yourself the hassles, connect hardwire to your net or just buy another printer like I did.

    Lastly the double side printing need a lot of negotiation with Windows 10 and even so it is slow, because need two passes.

    Like I said, save yourself the headache and buy another printer, maybe a brother, easier system to use and the integration is way better.

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