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Why You Should Buy Ink and Toner Cartridges Online

If you own a printer, you are probably aware of how the ink and toner drills a hole in your pocket. Some of them cost even more, but there is no way to avoid that, because without ink and toner, printers are just good looking scrap metal.

When you shop for a printer, you conduct a lot of research before actually buying it. Why? Because, it is an expensive device. You don't think the same about ink and toner; however, if you actually add up the cost of purchase for a year, you will see how much you actually spend on ink and toner cartridges.

It is not completely inevitable, though. There is a way you can avoid the expensive cost cartridges - buy your Laser Toner Cartridges online. How? The answer lies in these benefits:

You Save Money

Buying retail means you pay overhead costs for any product you purchase because a physical retail store has electricity bills and other expenses to pay for. An online store has reduced costs, in terms of tangible overhead costs, so they can afford to keep the prices low.

Moreover, very often there are discounts on ink and toner cartridges sold online. The HP store very often gives considerable discounts on printer cartridges for HP LaserJet printers.

Retail stores are also limited in display space, so you have limited choices, due to which you often waste money on the wrong product. Buying ink and toner online gives the chance to shop around from various stores and find the best price for the product and quality that you want.

You can Ensure Quality

When you buy ink and toner cartridges locally, you cannot be sure that the seller is reliable. The only way you can guarantee quality is by getting recommendations from a few people.

On the internet, though, it is different. You have access to several reviews and testimonials from customers, which will prove the products’ reliability and dependability. Any reliable ink and toner cartridge supplier will highlight their reviews and testimonials to prove their reliability and dependability.

A lot of websites have reviews online; some even have an entire webpage devoted to customer reviews. These reviews reveal the true quality of products, and also the quality of its services such as shipping procedures and return policy.

More Variety

On the internet, ink and toner cartridge providers are countless. You will even find a number of compatible brands in your locality; while on the Internet, there is a lot of variety.

You will not only have more variety in ink and toner cartridges but even more options for compatible brands. Hence you will have more options to choose from. Having more options means being able to make a better choice, thus, buying them online turns out to be far more beneficial than buying them locally.

You would even be able to change the provider if you find a flaw in their product, and the providers know this, because of which they work harder than local businesses to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

So Start Your Online Shopping Now!

These are just some of the reasons why buying ink and toner cartridges online is better than buying them locally. The next time you run out of ink, keep these tips in mind and buy it online - like the HP website, where you can find cheap LaserJet printer cartridges.

You can buy toner cartridges at a very low price at Toner 4 Less. They often have discounts and offers on their products. Like the one which is live right now that if you buy nine toners, the tenth will be absolutely free!

What You Need to Know about Printer Toner Cartridges

When it comes to bulk printing, printer toner cartridges are the best choice. It is the consumable element of a printer that comes with coloring agents which makes the actual image on paper. So it is evident that the quality of a printout completely depends on it. Buying genuine toner cartridges for printers often gives birth to a lot of questions in purchasers' mind. It becomes more confusing as the market offers hundreds of vendors who claim to supply the best toner cartridge for printers. To put a full stop to all your queries related to toner cartridges we have come up with a detailed discussion on the same. Here are the tips that will guide you to choose the best toner cartridge for your printer.

1. Model type

It is extremely important for you to recognize the model type while buying a toner. This is because there are endless number of brands of laser printers in the market that use toner cartridges. To determine the type that suits a particular printer you can check the manufacturer's part number and use it to place order for the same toner online or via phone.

2. Choosing between black or color toner cartridges

This is another important fact that has to be taken into consideration before buying printer toner cartridges. Color and black both types of toner cartridges are available in the market. The decision of choosing between the color and black toner should be based on your requirement. This is to be noted here that color toners are more expensive than black toners. If you mostly need black and white printouts then you should go for black toner. On the other hand, if you need to print images frequently for school projects, presentations or high-quality photos then a color toner will be a better option for you.

3. Consider the size of the printer

You need to look for the numerical model of a printer which is usually given with every printer before buying toner for it. Toner cartridges are made on the basis of the model numbers. When you visit the shop to make a purchase, you have to show the number to the salesman so that he could give you the toner, compatible with your printer. For making an online purchase you can always search for a suitable toner by typing the model number in the search engine. Today it has become easier for buyers as toner cartridges are now made in such a way that it fits into multiple brand printers.

4. Know your type

Toners are classified into three categories: Original Equipment Manufacturer, Compatible and remanufactured. Each of them comes with its own advantages and disadvantages. Here is a brief description of the features of each.

  • OEM
    1. Capable of generating premium quality prints
    2. Created by a particular printer's manufacturers
    3. Comes with warranty
    4. Costly
    5.High productivity


  • Compatible
    1. Non branded cartridges
    2. Created to work in particular printers
    3. Less expensive than OEM
    4. Performs well when bought from a top-rated manufacturer


  • Remanufactured cartridges
    1. Built from used cartridges that have been disassembled
    2. Less harmful for the environment
    3. Delivers low-quality prints
    4. Less costly
    5. It has a leaking tendency that damages the printer


5. Productivity / Page Yield

Every toner cartridge comes with a particular page yield, which determines its printing capacity. Different cartridges hold different page yields. If you are not into bulk printing then it might not affect you much but if you print frequently then you should always opt for a toner that has page yield of 2000 and more.

Since the printing result depends on toner cartridges, it is advisable to you to consider the above-mentioned points before buying toner for your printer. Whether it is for your personal use or commercial you certainly do not want your printed documents to end up in a bin. To ensure the best quality prints you should always rely on branded toner cartridges.

Toner Cartridges - the Right Way to Shop Online

Online shopping has taken the world by storm, and online retail sites are giving brick and mortar stores a run for their money. There are options galore, and you are spoilt for choice.

As a business owner, if you want to buy office supplies, you have the choice of buying them from concrete as well as online stores.

You will get many deals which will seem like a steal when it comes to toner cartridges, and this is where you need to proceed with caution.

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Since documents printed by your company define the image of your company, you cannot take any chances with the toner cartridge that prints those documents.

How Do You Buy Toner Cartridges Online?

You need to keep in mind that like an offline purchase you must understand how the online marketplace works and take the required measures to ensure that you get the right product that you are searching for. The points that you need to watch out for are:

Quality assurance
To begin with, you need to determine the required model of the toner cartridge you are looking for. This model should be compatible with your printer. You need to find out the manufacturer's part number when ordering the cartridge.

The next step includes finding out the current type of cartridge required. OEM (Original equipment manufacturers) cartridges are those which share the same manufacturer as the printer. An HP toner cartridge would be an OEM cartridge for an HP printer. These are the most expensive and provide the best quality.

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Compatible cartridges manufactured by third parties are cheaper than OEM cartridges, but there is a risk of compromising with the quality of the print.

Remanufactured cartridges are used cartridges that are made functional with new parts. Quality could be an issue with such cartridges.

To ensure that your toner gives you the best page yield, check for the product code. In high-yield toners, they are denoted by 'x.' You get the best price per page from such toners.

Wrong product
You need to determine the grievance redressal process in case you don't get the product you ordered. Follow the complaint redressal system on the portal and if you get no results, inform the higher authorities about the matter.

  • No delivery
    You have placed the order, and yet the product has not been delivered. Find out the customer ratings given on the portal about delivery standards before placing an order.


  • IP compliance
    Find out if the cartridge is IP (Ingress Protection) compliance or not. This would ensure that it has been effectively sealed against any foreign body exposure like dirt or moisture.


  • Shipping fees
    Find out if the shipping fees are included or excluded in the price of the product. Normally, you would need to order above a minimum amount to get free delivery.


  • Product warranty
    When clicking on the product details, find out what the warranty is. While receiving the product, check if the warranty card has been provided or not.


  • Return procedure
    There are certain standard precautions you need to keep in mind when returning a product purchased online.
    The original packaging that the product came in must be retained including the product handbook and warranty card. Ensure that these are not misplaced.


  • Delivery period
    Online portals clearly state the delivery date by which you would receive your product. You can track your product online to see if delivery is on schedule or not.


  • After-sales service
    If you have any product related issues post the purchase, the seller should state clearly how the buyer can avail of it.
    The HP CF226X black toner cartridge is an OEM cartridge that has a page yield of 9000. The ideal operating temperature is between 10 to 32.5 degrees Celsius. It comes with HP's Premium Protection Warranty.
    When buying the HP 26X black toner cartridge online, make sure you keep the above-mentioned factors in mind.
    The HP 26X compatible toner, being a compatible toner cartridge would be less expensive than the OEM cartridge, but the print quality might not be as good.


Get the Best Deal Online

Online shopping is convenient but challenging as well. If you make an informed decision by keeping the parameters discussed above in mind, you will get the best deal.

When it comes to online shopping for cartridges, Toner4Less has more than 20 years experience in the toner cartridge business, and you can get the biggest collection of laser toner cartridges here at the best price.


Toner Cartridges - Print Your Success Story!

There are numerous factors to be considered when buying a toner cartridge such as the volumes you need to print, the colors that you require as well as the nature of your business. Once you have made a checklist based on the above factors, you are ready to invest in a toner cartridge.

The next step, of course, would be to find a supplier with the right experience and credibility.

Which is the right toner cartridge for your Business?

The toner cartridge you buy will have a direct correlation with your business requirements. Find out the details of what you expect from the ideal toner cartridge and then finalize it. The factors that you need to keep in mind when buying a toner cartridge are as under:

Know which colors are used frequently

The colors required in a toner cartridge vary from business to business. There are some companies which need black and white prints only and there are other companies which are into advertising that would need color prints. Once you have identified your needs, choosing the color is easy.

You need to find out whether your printer can accommodate color printing or not before investing in a toner cartridge. The color black can be found in some color toner cartridges, so if you feel that your needs may change in future then you could go for a color cartridge.

Compatibility with your Printer

Before buying the cartridge, ensure that it is compatible with your printer. You need to determine the specific model of your printer before placing an order for the toner cartridge. The cartridge that is compatible with the model of your printer can be found online. The brand is important here as the concept of one cartridge compatible with all models of the same brand is applicable here as well.
So, if you have an HP printer, a cartridge that works for any other model of this printer will work just fine with your one as well.

Choosing the right Cartridges types

There are 3 categories of toner cartridges available which you can choose from, namely original equipment manufacturer, compatible, or remanufactured toner cartridge.

1. If you are looking for high-end, premium toner cartridges then original equipment manufactured cartridges would be the right choice for you. They charge top dollar, have the best quality prints, provide a warranty and give you the highest page yield.

2. Third-party made compatible cartridges come with new parts, are economical, and the print quality is seller specific.

3. Remanufactured toner cartridges are eco-friendly and cost the least.

Page Yield

Page yield refers to the page printing capacity of the toner cartridge. This capacity varies from model to model. You need to correlate the page yield with your printing needs when choosing a cartridge.

There are numerous external factors which affect your page yields like temperature including humidity, the frequency at which the printer is used, pages needed per job, page size, and toner coverage.

Manufacturer Warranty

An important consideration while buying a toner cartridge is the warranty given by the manufacturer. If there are problems with the cartridge due to manufacturing defects during the warranty period, it will be replaced free of cost.

You need a warranty if your page yield exceeds a thousand pages. Some original equipment manufacturers offer a 1-year warranty. Online sellers offer warranties too which range from two weeks to a year.

Single vs Bulk purchase

hp cf237y toner cartridgeThe decision to go for a single toner cartridge versus a bulk purchase should be determined by printing needs. A good choice for small printing needs would be a cartridge pack against a single one. The initial investment would depend on your budget.

The HP CF237Y Toner is an original equipment manufactured cartridge providing the black color. It is compatible with laser printers and comes with a two-year warranty. This high-yield cartridge has a page yield of 41000 pages. The operating temperature range is from 15 to 30 degrees Celsius.  

The HP Toner Cartridges provides you with high-quality prints with a low per page cost. So, if your printing requirements are extremely high and you need the color black, the HP CF237Y Black Toner Cartridge is a great choice.

Find the Perfect Fit

The perfect choice for toner cartridges for your office would depend on how well you understand your printing needs. All you need to do is zero down on your exact needs and find the right supplier.

Toner4Less has over 20 years of extensive experience in the printing equipment industry and provide a wide range of laser toner cartridges at competitive prices. They focus on customer satisfaction with transparent returns and refund policies.

Choosing The Right Compatible Brother Cartridge

Using original cartridges can become very costly, especially when you use printers that speak of quality as much as Brother printers do.

So what do you do when your cartridge runs out?

There are no two ways of approaching this. You would opt for compatible cartridges when you realize that the cost of the cartridges is a major expense involved in operating a printer. You must also remember that a balance between yield and quality of the paper is needed. Yield directly translates to cost per operation, while quality would help cater to the individual requirements of any operation.

Choosing a cartridge, therefore, is based on a lot of factors, including the kind of printers you own, and whether they are compatible with those printers. Even then, you have to shortlist cartridges basing on your budget, the functionality and the cost versus yield analysis.

The cartridges that are mentioned here are in decreasing order of the print quality that they offer. These ratings are consistent with user reviews from shopping portals such as Amazon and other authorized sites to sell Brother printers and cartridges.

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TN630 and TN660
While these printers have an exceptionally high-quality yield in the market for the operations that each unique task would require, it is obvious that they would be priced certainly on the higher side as well. The yield, however, is up to 2600 pages, before the toner runs out. That makes these two cartridges some of the highest, and the most sought after for Brother printers.

This is supported by the fact that user ratings for TN630 are 9.9 and 9.4 for TN660. While this is not manufactured by Brother themselves, the yield standards and the ideal quality standards have been met.

These cartridges are compatible with Brother printers like DCP Printer: DCP-L2520DW; DCP-L2540DW; Brother-HL Printer: HL-L2300D; HL-L2320D; HL-L2340DW; HL-L2360DW; HL-L2380DW; Brother-MFC Multi-Function Printer: MFC-L2700DW; MFC-L2720DW; MFC-L2740DW.

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TN420 Mono Laser Cartridges and TN450
While considering options for cartridges based on quality versus yield, we need to also talk about the TN420 mono laser cartridges and TN450, with the ratings for TN420 being 9.3 and 8.5 for TN450. The yield is similar to that of TN630 and TN650, with around 2600 pages. What sets these cartridges apart is the fact that the black and white print of these toners is unrivaled in terms of the quality.

The TN450 is compatible with MFC-7240, MFC-7360N, MFC-7365DN, MFC-7460DN, MFC-7860DW, HL-2220, HL-2230, HL-2240, HL-2240D, HL-2270DW, HL-2275DW, HL-2280DW, DCP-7060D, DCP-7065DN, IntelliFax-2840, IntelliFax-2940.

This cartridge is one of the more popular versions across various websites like Inkhub because of the cost versus quality ratio per paper. With a yield of 2500 pages, this cartridge is the one you need if your printing needs are large because the cost per page would be relatively less compared to all the cartridges mentioned above. Of course, the downside is that it typically prints in black and white.

The most compatible printers are HL-2040, Fax-2820, HL-2070N, MFC-7220, MFC-7420 and MFC-7820N model printers.

Compatible TN2350
This highly competitive toner has the specs and the compatibility for rivaling the genuine Brother toners. With a yield of about 2600 pages, this fits several printer styles including the monochrome laser variety of the printer. The quality of this compatible TN2350 toner is remarkably close to the original toners, and as such, not only makes it an extremely popular product but also the go-to choice for the desired quality versus cost ratio of each individual operation.

It is compatible with HL L2300D, HL L2340DW, HL L2365DW, HL L2380DW, MFC 2700DW, MFC 2703DW, MFC 2720DW, MFC 2740DW, MFC 2740DW (HLL2300D, HLL2340DW, HLL2365DW, HLL2380DW, MFC L2700DW.

Compatible TN115
This toner deserves special mention not only because of the quality of its product deliverance but also for its features. This cartridge is particularly resistant to damage and mishandling. But if anything, this laser toner cartridge comes equipped with all the features packed into an OEM counterpart. This cartridge can be used conveniently without compromising on the quality of the print. In fact, this is one of the reasons that this cartridge is so popular today.

This is compatible with* DCP 9040CN, DCP 9045CDN, HL-4040CDN, HL-4040CN, HL-4070CDW, MFC-9440CN, MFC-9450CDN, MFC-9840CDW, MFC-9840CN

Brother TN760 Toner Cartridge
Brother TN760 toner black toner cartridge comes with a yield of approximately 3000 pages in accordance with ISO/IEC 19752 (letter/A4), and a user rating of 4.25 average across multiple sites.

This Brother TN760 toner comes particularly handy for use with Brother laser printers and all-in-ones like - DCP-L2550DW, HL-L2350DW, HL-L2370DW, HL-L2370DWXL, HL-L2390DW, HL-L2395DW, MFC-L2710DW, MFC-L2750DW, MFC-L2750DWXL. Brother themselves guarantee that this TN760 black toner ink cartridge would deliver a monochrome laser print quality that is rivaled only by a few.

Toner Cartridges - What Does Your Printer Need?

Since the toner cartridge you need depends on your business, the volume of printing, as well as the colors you use, it is important that you find out what your requirements are. Once you decide on all of these, you can set about choosing the right supplier.

How to Choose the Right Toner Cartridge?

There are some important parameters to keep in mind when buying a toner cartridge. These are:

Black & white or color
When choosing your toner cartridge, the first thing that you should consider is the color. This will depend on the final output that you are seeking in terms of print quality. If your print requirements are mostly in black and white, then the choice is obvious.

It is important to determine whether your printer has an option for color printing before buying a cartridge. Some of the cartridges with color toner also have the option of the color black, so it could be worth buying.

Printer cartridge size
You need to ensure that the cartridge you buy is compatible with the printer. Be sure to quote the model of your printer when you are buying the cartridge. The matching cartridge can also be searched online by typing the printer's model number. A cartridge that is compatible with one model of a particular brand can be used for any other model of the same brand.

So if you have a cartridge that works with a certain model of HP printers, then it can be used with any other printer of the same brand.

Types of cartridges
Cartridges fall into three categories - namely original equipment manufacturer, compatible, or remanufactured.

As the name suggests, original equipment cartridges are expensive, printer specific, produce the best print quality, come with a warranty, and provide the highest yield in terms of pages.

Compatible cartridges are manufactured by third parties, have new parts, are economical, and their print quality depends on the seller. The black high yield toner cartridge compatible with hp ce410x is one such example of compatible cartridges.

Remanufactured or recycled cartridges are environment-friendly and cheap.

Page Yield
The number of pages that the toner cartridge can print is known as the page yield. This differs from one cartridge model to another. Your choice of a cartridge should be based on your printing requirements.

The page yield of a cartridge depends on the external factors like temperature as well as humidity, the frequency of printer usage, pages used per job, size of the paper as well as toner coverage.

Warranty is a must
It is important to ensure that the toner cartridge you buy comes with a warranty. This is important as the cartridge can be replaced in case there are any defects at no extra cost within the warranty period.

As a rule of thumb, it is important that if your page yield is over 1000 pages, you must get a toner cartridge with a warranty. There is a 1-year warranty offered by certain original equipment manufacturers. You could also get warranties ranging from two weeks to a year from some online sellers.

Quantity of purchase
You also need to determine whether it would be more profitable for you to buy a single toner cartridge or make bulk purchases. The quantity you buy will eventually depend on the volume of work you are handling. You could go for a small pack of cartridges instead of buying a single unit when your printing needs are small. The initial cost of purchase would depend on your budget.

The hp ce410x toner cartridge is a compatible toner cartridge that comes in the color black. It is meant for laser printers, and it has a 2-year warranty from the purchase date. For optimal performance of this cartridge, the surrounding temperature should be between 15 to 25 degrees Celsius. The page yield for this cartridge is 4000 pages.

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The hp cf401a toner cartridge is another compatible toner cartridge that is meant for laser printers. The page yield is 1400, and it comes in the color cyan. The optimal temperature for the proper functioning of the cartridge is between 15 to 30 degrees Celsius.

Get the Best Cartridge

When you are investing in a cartridge, you need to ensure that your supplier gives you the best quality at competitive prices with transparent returns and refund policies. Toner4less has 20 years of experience in the business. They understand the needs of their customers and will provide you with the best solution.

How to Buy 045 Toner Cartridges for your Canon Printer?

When your printer is running out of ink, you need to choose a Toner Cartridge which is compatible with your printer and also lasts long. Canon provides a number of options for you to choose from which are specifically tailored to your printing needs.

But before that, let’s have a look on how toner cartridges actually work.

A fine mixture of plastic particles and elemental carbon is combined to form the tone powder, which is used in the Toner Cartridges. The printer, then, uses its electrostatically charged unit to print out the documents by transferring this tone powder on to the paper. This results in a fine printing of the details and is the reason why people have been using toner printers or laser toners for a few years now.

Why Canon 045 Toner Cartridge?

High-Quality Equipment
Canon makes some of the finest toner cartridges that will suit all your printing needs. Canon assures high-quality printing with all the elements well-defined. Using a Canon Original 045 Toner Cartridge will ensure that when you change your toner, the prints come out as good as they did when the printer was new.

Best in Class Toner Cartridge
When your printer runs out of ink, it is always better to replace the toner cartridge rather than get it refilled. A replaced cartridge ensures that you get optimum performance out of your toner. Canon’s toner cartridge quality has been standardized through their automated manufacturing units which is why they are an ideal choice.

Crisp and Clean Prints
Canon ensures that there are no blurs or grey areas when you use one of their genuine cartridges like the canon genuine toner cartridge 045. There is no accumulation of the tone powder on either the drum or the roller, giving you crisp and clean documents every time.

Value for Money
Canon cartridges often print a large number of documents of the order of a few thousand pages. All the components of the cartridges are assembled in accordance with the latest ISO standards which ensure the best quality. When compared to their counterparts from other brands, you will notice that the Canon 045 Toner Cartridge is quite cost-effective. The sheer number of prints that can be taken out from one cartridge reduces the cost per print significantly. 

Environmentally friendly
The Roller Charging Technology that Canon employs in their toner cartridges ensures that there is no emission of ozone during its operation. This helps you avoid contributing to the greenhouse gases in our atmosphere. The toners that are produced are non-hazardous and can be easily recycled with Canon’s recycling programme.

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What Should You Check When Buying Online?

Buying online from a new source can always be a tough job. However, always check for a few things before you go ahead and order something online.

First and foremost, you should check whether the website is secured since buying online will require you to make financial transactions. You should also check for reviews on the website of people that have availed the services of the company in question.

Whenever you buy a Canon 045 toner compatible cartridge, you should always check for its authenticity by the cartridge hologram and the Canon logo printed on the outside of the package. The authenticity of the product is marked by the colour-changing technology on the hologram, assuring you that the cartridge comes straight from Canon and not from any third party manufacturer.

Before purchasing anything from a new source, clear all your doubts either by asking questions in the forum or by contacting the website. Genuine stores often clear up all the misconceptions that people might have about them. Also, check for a refund policy in case you get a faulty product.

Why choose Toner4Less?

Toner4Less provides you with a lot of different toner cartridge options to choose from at competitive prices. It also has many ongoing offers which can help you further reduce your expenditure such as low shipping costs and tie-ups for a quick delivery of your product. Their return and refund policies are also well defined. Get your Canon 045 Toner Cartridges today!

Why You Should Choose Brother TN660 Toner Cartridge

Have you ever run out of ink or toner when you need to print an important email, invoice, or a financial report? The feeling can be very annoying. To avoid situations like these, a high-quality toner cartridge is crucial for the continuity of the task being carried out. Your search for a compatible toner cartridge should be focused on various aspects such as cartridge quality, toner yield, quality of prints and more.

We will here review the Brother TN660, a premium toner cartridge that shows considerable promise. During our review, we will cover various parameters to see how it performs over time. Read on to find out if this toner is right for you.



#1 Great Value for Money
The Brother TN660 toner cartridge is great value for money. It has a yield of about 2,600 prints, which if you look at other compatible toner cartridges in the market, offers far more yield with the same price point. One of the reasons how Brother has managed to keep the price point so low is by using new and recycled parts during the manufacturing process. Brother swears by their standard of quality by providing a one-year replacement warranty with every toner cartridge shipped out. At this price point, you couldn’t ask for more.


#2 Easy Daily Usability
The Brother TN660 is an easy-to-use cartridge. The cartridge can be installed simply by lifting the cartridge tray and removing two clips. Once done, all that is left to do is to gently pull the cartridge out from its slot. Maintenance of the cartridge is also pretty standard with little to no conservation required.


#3 Smart Sensor Toner Cartridges
The Brother TN660 is equipped with a low ink sensor which will detect when your ink is running low. This means that you will never run out of ink when you need it the most. To test Brother’s claim, we ran the cartridge until it was almost empty and the intelligent sensors informed us promptly when the toner was running low. We ordered a replacement toner cartridge and got the delivery within one working day.


#4 Print Quality
Overall, after using this toner for about a week, the print quality wasn’t disappointing. The TN660 produces crisp, black and white reproductions with the great quality that has become the norm for Brother Products. The slight hum from the printer is your constant reminder that the cartridge is working in seamless unison without compromising on the quality of the print. Just don’t forget to reset the printer once you have replaced the cartridge as this will result in a higher yield of prints.


#5 Print Yield
We tested Brother’s claim of 2600 yields and were pleasantly surprised to see the cartridge cross the 2600 mark with ease. Still going strong, the cartridge managed an impressive yield of 3000 prints at the end of its life.
Image Link

Quick tip: To get the most out of your print yield go to Brother Printer settings and enable “Toner Saving Mode.” This will lower toner usage while still producing high-quality prints.

If you are looking to buy a cartridge with great value for money which gives you quality prints and high yield, look no further. The TN660 is the best toner cartridge you will find in Mississauga. It delivers on all its promises and more.


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Brother Toner Cartridges - Best Choice for your Brother Printer

Brother Toner Cartridges - Best Choice for your Brother Printer

It is important to have a good printer along with a quality toner cartridge that prints your content exactly the way you need. Be it a business meeting or a marketing a product, you need to mention all the work-related details on a white paper. Of course, you score well on your presentation skills, but not having a bright and attractive print on the paper can be a bad experience for your customers

If you want to have fine and clear text printed, the best choice is to go for Brother Toner Cartridges. These are high quality and reliable toner cartridges designed to seamlessly work with Brother laser printers. This gives a high yield of 2600 - 3000 pages based on Brother Printers. Brother Toner Cartridges not only keep the printers performance high but also ensure high productivity at a very low cost per Page. This gives out consistent output in a hassle-free manner.


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How to Change Brother Toner Cartridges

Below is the step-by-step procedure you can follow for the smooth and easy handling of Brother Toner Cartridges:

1. First, turn on your printer.
2. Open the front cover.
3. Slowly remove the Brother toner cartridge and its drum unit from the printer.
4. Take the toner cartridge out of the drum unit by pushing down the green lock lever.
5. Unpack the new toner cartridge.
6. Remove the extra protective cover.
7. Until you hear a lock sound, insert the new toner cartridge firmly into the drum unit.
8. Make sure to clean the wire inside the drum unit by moving a green tab from left to right and again from right to left several times.
9. Install the toner cartridge and drum unit back into the printer.
10. Close the front cover of the printer.


1. Do not turn off your printer or open the front cover until the printer is in Ready Mode.
2. Make sure you put the toner cartridge correctly in the drum unit, else it will be separated from it.
3. It is a good practice to keep a new toner cartridge ready when you see the Toner Low warning on your printer.
4. DO NOT unpack the new toner cartridge until you are ready to install it.
5. If a toner cartridge is left unpacked for a long time, the toner life will be shortened.

Brother TN760 Toner Cartridge for L2730DW

Brother toner cartridges are best cartridges among laser printers. These cartridges are appreciated by the customers for their durable and long life servicing properties. A new toner cartridge version called Brother TN760 Toner Cartridge for L2730DW is introduced in the market. It is the replacement model of its predecessor and below are its features:

1. Gives a high yield of 3000 pages, increasing your productivity. The toner cartridge yields are in accordance with ISO/IEC 19752 (Letter/A4) standards.
2. These produce high quality resolution with more laser prints.
3. These are engineered to deliver consistent page yields and superior print quality with your Brother printer.
4. This also helps in detecting low toner cartridge levels and automatically alerts the owner for a refill. (Refill cartridges are sold separately)

Below are its specifications:

Brand Name - Brother
Item Weight - 1.3 pounds
Product Dimensions - 14*4.9*6.9 inches
Item model number - TN760
Colour - TN760 Printer with High Yield Toner
Material Type - Plastic
Yield - 3000 pages
Manufacturer part number - TN760

These toner cartridges are compatible with Brother laser printer models like: DCP-L2550DW, HL-L2350DW, HL-L2370DW, HL-L2370DWXL, HL-L2390DW, HL-L2395DW, MFC-L2710DW, MFC-L2750DW, MFC-L2750DWXL.

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What are the Different Types of Toner Cartridges

Looking to purchase the best quality toner cartridges? Your friends and colleagues would have suggested many options for them. Are you looking to buy any of these?

Well, before getting to buying one, it is important to know different types of toner cartridges available. These are of mostly 2 types:

1. Standard Toner cartridges

2. High Yield Cartridges

The main difference between these toner cartridges is the cost and the number of pages printed by them.

Standard Toner cartridges

1. These toner cartridges produce a yield of 3000 pages.

2. It is compatible with laser as well as LED scan printers.

3. Offer superior quality print on a variety of papers.

4. Best used for less frequently printing purposes.

5. Cost is less than High Yield cartridges for less frequent prints.

High Yield Cartridges

1. Contain more toner than traditional cartridges.

2. Yield can go up to 10,000 pages depending on the type of cartridge used (like OEM or laser cartridges).

3. Gives high resolution with no smudges.

4. Easy to install, replace and refill.

5. Best suited for frequent bulk printing purposes.

6. Cost per page is less compared to Standard cartridges.

If you want bulk printing, go for High yield cartridges. Go for Standard toner cartridges, if your printing needs are less frequent.

HP Toner Cartridges

Once you have decided on the type of toner cartridges that best suits your needs, it's now important to buy a branded and durable toner cartridge for fine and clear print. Among various cartridges, HP toner cartridges are the best choice. Below are few of its salient features:

1. HP cartridges are compatible with many varieties of printers.

2. HP is one of the best brands in printers and toner cartridges all over the world.

3. All HP toner cartridges offer long life with excellent clear and high-resolution print on papers.

4. Another added advantage of these toner cartridges is that they are eco-friendly and are easily recycled.

5. They also help in detecting low levels of toner cartridges and alerts the user to refill the cartridges.

6. Toner Cartridge refills are sold separately. If requested by the user, HP appoints its executive to refill the cartridges; else the user can refill them.

If you are purchasing a printer for the first time, it is always advisable to use HP cartridges because of the above-mentioned advantages.

HP CF401A Cyan Toner Cartridge

HP CF401A Cyan Toner Cartridge is a 5 star rated toner cartridge among regular customers.

Below are its features:

1. These toner cartridges produce top-quality professional documents at rapid speeds.

2. Its JetIntelligence delivers cost-effective high-yield pages and enhanced efficiency with accurate tracking of toner levels.

3. It yields up to 1,400 pages at 5% average coverage.

4. Produces precise details of print from colour documents, images to rich texts.

5. The cartridges also come with warranty period specified by the HP company.

Below are its specifications:

Brand Name - HP
Cartridge Capacity - Standard Yield
Color Type - Cyan
Consumable Type - Toner Cartridge
Manufacturer - Hewlett-Packard
Maximum Yield Per Unit - 1,400 pages @ 5% average coverage
Model - HP 201A Cyan Original LaserJet Toner Cartridge
OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) Part Number - CF401A
Packing - Single Pack
Print - Technology laser printer/copier/fax
Print Series - LaserJet Pro

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These toner cartridges are compatible with HP models like:

Color LaserJet Pro: M274n
LaserJet Pro: M252dw, M252n, M277dw, M277n

Useful Link: https://www.officedepot.com/a/products/470861/HP-201A-Cyan-Toner-Cartridge-CF401A/

No doubt, HP toner cartridges are best in the market when it comes to excellent printing. Buy HP Toner Cartridges online to avail best deals and offers from the company. In case of any queries, the HP support team provides you with a 24/7 free support and guidance services.