Laser printers have been dominating the business world for decades now. Similarly, Brother® is a renowned brand name which has never failed to impress its customers with its premium range of monochrome printer series. All laser printers from Brother come with black toner cartridges that are equally popular and deliver high quality prints at a low operating cost. In this blog we will be focusing on Brother Toner cartridges and its newly launched brother tn760 compatible toner cartridge.

Function of a toner chip

A toner chip is an essential part of laser printer. It sends alert to the users when the toner is low with the help of pop up messages. These chips are also known as printer or ink smart chips and used by printers to keep a watch on reserves and levels of your present toner cartridges. It works as a communication medium for printing consumables and laser printer.

In simple words, the main function of a toner chip is to store printer’s information that a printer sends back to it. These information include the print volume of toner cartridges, type of toner cartridges and coverage of toner. In order to ensure the work efficiency of the printers, once the messages are gone cannot be recovered.

Not all toner chips are suitable for all printers. That is why you need to be aware of the type of your laser printer while buying a new toner chip because only the right type of toner chip can make your cartridges work inside your laser printer. The toner chip informs about the insufficient toner only when the printer determines it. When the toner cartridge is used up, the toner chip needs to be replaced. This is because the service life of the chip is dependent on the life of the toner cartridge.

Do all print cartridges come with the chips?

The answer to this question is no. there are many types of printer cartridges available in the market that do not come with toner chip. Brother has recently launched the new generation of TN660 toner – brother tn760 toner, the updated version that is equipped with toner chip.

How to remove the chip from the new product tn760

In order to remove the chip, you need to arrange some tools and follow the below mentioned instruction

Tools needed in the process

– original brother tn760 toner
– new brother toner
– tweezers

Now when you have the tools in your hand, find an appropriate environment to start the operation.

1. The first step is to take out the old chip from the previous OEM toner cartridge with the tweezers.

2. The second step is to place the old chip into the tn760 compatible toner and then press down the chip gradually by using a flat thing of the brother cartridge.

3. In the next step you need to shake the brother cartridge 5 to 6 times from one side to another to spread the toner evenly. After that, remove the orange protective toner layer from the new tn760 toner cartridges.

4. At the final step install the brother tn760 high yield toner cartridge into the printer.

This is how you can replace the toner chip in the printer. Once you are done with the above mentioned procedure the machine will start working normally when connected to the power.