There are some printer consumables that claim to offer the same quality that the manufacturer’s genuine cartridges offer. However in most of the cases their claims are proved to be wrong as they fail to give the same performance consistency and durability.

When it comes to page yield, laser printers provide the lowest cost per page in the market. So having a laser printer means you have already found the best way to reduce your printing expenses. The biggest advantage of these printers is that they accept both original and compatible printer cartridges. In this blog, we will be discussing about the difference between both of them.

Types of cartridges

1. Genuine cartridges

A genuine cartridge is simply the one that is made by the printer’s manufacturer. For instance, an original toner cartridge for a Brother printer is the one that is manufactured by Brother. So if you have a Brother printer, only Brother Toner cartridge will be the original cartridge for it. The cartridges that are developed and endorsed by the printer manufacturer for a particular printer are known as genuine cartridges.