Running out of ink just before your deadline can be frustrating and that is why knowing the techniques of changing ink or toner cartridges is extremely important if you have a printer. Today, the usage of printers has become very common in households but there are people who still hesitate to do the task. In this blog we will be discussing about the steps to replace your ink or toner cartridges.Although there are some differences in the installation procedure of inkjet printer or laser printer, most of the steps mentioned below are suitable for both of them.

1. Note down your printer specification

It is crucial for you to note down your printer’s specifications like its brand name, model and cartridge number to purchase the right ink cartridges. In case you are not able to find the model number, go through the user guide to know about it.

2. Remove the existing cartridge

There is no specific technique to remove an ink cartridge as it depends on the printer. That is why you are advised to consult your printer’s user manual for the specific instructions on cartridge removal. Most printer brands offer a PDF version of the user manual on their website.

– In order to remove the empty cartridge, you need to turn on the printer and open up the front printer flap

– When it comes to an inkjet printer, the cartridge should automatically slide to the center

– You need to handle it delicately as forcing the cartridge out of its housing can cause serious damage

3. Shop for the right ink or toner cartridge

You can get a plenty of options when it comes to expensive original cartridges. You need to find budget friendly options such as compatible and remanufactured toner cartridges that cost almost half of the original ones and they are also easily available in the market. Take your time to do proper research and go for the cartridge that is compatible with your printer.

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4. Unbox the new cartridge

The next step is to unbox the new cartridge. You need to be careful while removing it from its packaging. Then shake it for few times and then take away any protective tape from the ink nozzles. In case of toner cartridges Canada you need to remove them holding them horizontally with both hands to decrease the risk of any damage.

Before removing the cartridge, you need to make sure that your replacement is ready. This is because leaving the print head empty for a long stretch can make it dry and unusable.

5. Insert the new cartridge

Before you gear up for the installation, you are recommended to read the user guide thoroughly to avoid mistakes. Trying to insert the cartridge forcefully can result in irreparable damage that will ultimately cost you more. If you have lost your user guide, you can get the replacement instructions from your printer manufacturer’s website online. The proper way is to insert it in the reverse way that you remove them. Maintain the right angle to fit it in with less effort.

6. Examine your cartridge

When you are done with the installation, you need to check it whether everything is working properly. You can load a page and cue up a print to check the quality.

I hope this guide will help you replace your ink or toner cartridge.