Difference Between HP CF500A and CF500X Toner Cartridges

With so many printing consumables to choose from, picking the right one for your needs might be difficult. CF500A and CF500X are the new generations HP toner cartridges, each with its own pros and cons. Below are the top differences between CF500A and CF500X toner cartridges.

Print capacity

Both the cartridges are of the same family, but their print capacity is different. The CF500A toner cartridge can yield 1400 pages in black ink and 1300 pages in colour ink. The CF500X cartridge, on the other hand, can yield 3200 pages in black ink and 2500 pages in colour ink. So, if your printing use is more, the is CF500X cartridge would be the ideal choice.


The next important consideration when buying cartridges is an investment. Your investment should match the use you’re going to get out of the printer. Since the printing capacity of both the cartridges is different, so is their price. The cf500a cartridge costs $46.99 for a single pack and $209.99 for a 4 pack; the cf500x cartridge costs $68.99 for a single pack and $315.69 for a 4 pack.
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The HP 202A CF500A Black Toner Cartridge is compatible with HP Colour Laserjet M281FW, HP Colour Laserjet M254dw, HP Colour Laserjet M281FDW, HP Colour Laserjet M254nw, HP Colour Laserjet M281FDN, and HP Colour Laserjet M280NW.

The HP 202X CF500X Black Toner Cartridge High Yield is compatible with HP Colour Laserjet M281FDW, HP Colour Laserjet M254dw, HP Colour Laserjet M281FDN, HP Colour Laserjet M280NW, and HP Colour Laserjet M254nw.

Checking the compatibility of the cartridge with your printer can help you get the most out of your printer.

Let’s take a look at the similarities in the two cartridges.

Print quality

Most original HP cartridges give a good print quality and are compatible with many printers. The cf500a and cf500x are no different. These two new generation printer cartridges are compatible with the same printer and also have a great print quality. So, if the cf500x cartridge is used up, your work can still go on with the cf500a cartridge. They are double-sided printing consumables, so it can improve the print quality without causing paper wastage.


Both these cartridges can give quality colour prints while being affordable. The combination of safe toner processing and durable capacity of these two original HP toner cartridges can help reduce the costs of colour printouts. So, users can enjoy the benefits of colour printing without emptying out their pockets. This is especially beneficial for those who have use of color printouts on a daily basis.

Practical design

Both these new generation toner cartridges have powerful performance, even with their different page yields and costs. The strong printing capacity of the cf500 toner series can meet the various printing requirements without too many printing errors or defects. This saves users time and reduces paper waste, too.


Choosing the right printer for your needs depends on your use and budget. Consider all the factors and then compare them with the printer quality, page yield, and costs before making your choice. HP toner cartridges at Toner4Less are cost-effective and have powerful performance, especially when paired with a compatible printer.