Have you ever run out of ink or toner when you need to print an important email, invoice, or a financial report? The feeling can be very annoying. To avoid situations like these, a high-quality toner cartridge is crucial for the continuity of the task being carried out. Your search for a compatible toner cartridge should be focused on various aspects such as cartridge quality, toner yield, quality of prints and more.

We will here review the Brother TN660, a premium toner cartridge that shows considerable promise. During our review, we will cover various parameters to see how it performs over time. Read on to find out if this toner is right for you.

#1 Great Value for Money
The Brother TN660 toner cartridge is great value for money. It has a yield of about 2,600 prints, which if you look at other compatible toner cartridges in the market, offers far more yield with the same price point. One of the reasons how Brother has managed to keep the price point so low is by using new and recycled parts during the manufacturing process. Brother swears by their standard of quality by providing a one-year replacement warranty with every toner cartridge shipped out. At this price point, you couldn’t ask for more.

#2 Easy Daily Usability
The Brother TN660 is an easy-to-use cartridge. The cartridge can be installed simply by lifting the cartridge tray and removing two clips. Once done, all that is left to do is to gently pull the cartridge out from its slot. Maintenance of the cartridge is also pretty standard with little to no conservation required.

#3 Smart Sensor Toner Cartridges
The Brother TN660 is equipped with a low ink sensor which will detect when your ink is running low. This means that you will never run out of ink when you need it the most. To test Brother’s claim, we ran the cartridge until it was almost empty and the intelligent sensors informed us promptly when the toner was running low. We ordered a replacement toner cartridge and got the delivery within one working day.

#4 Print Quality
Overall, after using this toner for about a week, the print quality wasn’t disappointing. The TN660 produces crisp, black and white reproductions with the great quality that has become the norm for Brother Products. The slight hum from the printer is your constant reminder that the cartridge is working in seamless unison without compromising on the quality of the print. Just don’t forget to reset the printer once you have replaced the cartridge as this will result in a higher yield of prints.

#5 Print Yield
We tested Brother’s claim of 2600 yields and were pleasantly surprised to see the cartridge cross the 2600 mark with ease. Still going strong, the cartridge managed an impressive yield of 3000 prints at the end of its life.
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Quick tip: To get the most out of your print yield go to Brother Printer settings and enable “Toner Saving Mode.” This will lower toner usage while still producing high-quality prints.

If you are looking to buy a cartridge with great value for money which gives you quality prints and high yield, look no further. The TN660 is the best toner cartridge you will find in Mississauga. It delivers on all its promises and more.